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What's a mosquito repellent system


Defender system is a safe and efficient system in the fight against mosquitos

It’s a perimeter system which is installed in a green area or on a terrace  which by means of special spray nozzles distributes a solution of water and a medical-surgical device diluted in low percentages on hedges, flower beds, edges, floors and walls.

How does Defender System work?

With Defender System mosquitos can’t enter your garden !

It works independently: once programmed it totally protects your garden without the need for maintenance or technical intervention throughout the season of use.

The central unit Defender System is the heart and mind of the plant, requires a small space inside technical rooms, garages, wooden houses, porches etc. It can also be housed externally, does not fear the weather!

The pumping and mixing unit is housed in a lockable metal cabinet

It automatically doses and mixes a medical-surgical device with water, the solution thus obtained is distributed through nozzles conveniently positioned on the perimeter of the area to be protected (for example hedges, flower beds and border shrubs).

A path of special tubes very thin and resistant over time, cleverly hidden between the plants of the garden, combined with fittings in nickel-plated brass and stainless steel, provides the spray nozzles with the mosquito-proof mixture.

The system works perfectly even in rainy weather and is effective even if your neighbors do not adopt any kind of mosquito protection.

Defender System mosquito control delivers controlled micro doses harmless to people, children, pets and useful insects

Defender System creates an active barrier which stops mosquitoes from entering  your garden!

Unità centrale Defender System
ugello nebulizzatore
Spray nozzle in nickel-plated brass

With Defender System you will say goodbye to mosquito repellents and insecticides forever. Disinfestations with shoulder pumps, sprayers, atomizers will be an old memory

The system consists of a central unit, micro piping and
special spray nozzles, high quality Italian steel and brass
The nozzles are the tireless defenders of your garden, in a
few minutes a day, without wasting product and water free the
whole area from mosquitoes and other annoying insects. 

Placed on the perimeter of the area to be protected, they
spread the product evenly in microdoses harmless to people,
pets and useful insects.

The system is simple and practical to install, all you need is
a water source, a 220 volt power outlet and a small space to
house the central unit. It adapts to green areas/ terraces of
any size, the installation does not require invasive


A wide and exclusive range of models.

Defender System offers a wide range of models complete and
reliable, technologically advanced and designed ad hoc to meet
the needs of green areas of all sizes.
From the Mini series (Defender Mini and Mini ) dedicated to
small terraces and gardens, to the Plus series (Defender Plus
1 – 2 – 3 ) suitable for medium and large gardens, parks,
campsites, hotels, restaurants, farmhouses, residences,
companies etc.
All our machines are equipped with a professional mixing
system, metal case and quality components assembled in order
to make maintenance operations simple and fast.
Each machine is subjected to a thorough technical testing
that attests to its perfect functionality.


Possibility of expansion even after years of installation.
Defender System was created to allow the MAXIMUM FLEXIBILITY
in the expansion of the systems even after years of

In the event that it is necessary to expand the system (for
example, following the extension of the treated area over
time), a specialized technician will operate directly in your
home without even removing the central unit from its housing



Ugello nebulizzatore in funzione
Defender System vanta una vasta gamma di macchine adatte ad ogni realtà verde

It solves the problem forever!

Defender System FREES YOU ONCE AND FOR ALL from mosquito
nuisance, eliminates mosquito adults interrupting in a short
time the reproductive cycle.

Defender System does not bind you to mandatory maintenance contracts or purchases of consumer products.

A superhero against mosquitoes

Defender System is a real superhero in the fight against mosquitoes. Here he is at work!!!



How many times did you have to give up an evening in the
garden with friends? Or moments of chill in the shade, playing
in peace with the children, a refreshing dip in your pool to
escape the summer heat.
Let’s not talk about a family lunch in the shade of that
pergola you are so proud of!
Mosquitoes attack you, sting you, a real enemy army that
destroys your projects in the open air..
They have become absolute masters of your green space.
DEFENDER SYSTEM, automatic mosquito control system gives
concreteness to your green dreams, a safe ally that helps you
regain your green space that you thought lost forever!
DEFENDER SYSTEM is the super hero in the fight against
In a few days thanks to the constant work of Defender System
you will become the protagonist of your garden!!!
Defender System uses a mosquito repellent specially designed
for inhabited green areas.
The product is harmless to people and pets and is able to
permanently eliminate the adults of mosquitoes interrupting in
a short time the reproductive cycle.
Defender System is the specialist in the fight against
mosquitoes, the SUPERHERO that frees your garden forever
respecting the health of people, animals and the environment



The reason you should choose Defender System

Choosing the Defender System mosquito repellent system is

“Since Defender System entered my garden mosquitoes have disappeared...there is no more place for these annoying insects, I have regained my space!” GG

because it definitely solves the problem! Defender System FREES YOU ONCE AND FOR ALL from mosquito nuisance, eliminates mosquito adults interrupting in a short time the reproductive cycle

because it respects the environment and protects health. In respect of the health of people and the environment, Defender System uses ZAPI BIA NEXT, a medical-surgical device of free sale and LOW ENVIRONMENTAL IMPACT authorized by the Ministry of Health. The protection against mosquito bites also decreases the possibility of contracting diseases carried by them.

because it is suitable for public and private gardens. Defender system is PERFECT for small, medium and large private gardens, terraces, hotel terraces, restaurants, swimming pools, parks, residences, farmhouses, stables, farms, etc.

because it studies for each customer a customized project capable of solving the mosquito problem in every situation..

because it is a high quality Italian product attentive to savings After sales service and original spare parts are always guaranteed. Uses minimal amounts of water, electricity and mosquito repellent

because since I chose Defender System I can take care of my garden, read, rest, stay with friends and family without being attacked by mosquitoes


About the price

There is no standard price quantifiable per square meter, the
cost varies depending on the size and characteristics of the
garden/ terrace.

Each system involves unique and customized solutions..

The company Defender System produces the components of the
anti-mosquito system, which is why it is able to contain the
It listens to the needs of all customers and strives to
fulfill their requests by formulating a type of ad hoc


Here our principal installations, discover how we eliminated the mosquitos- problem .

Make your GREEN DREAMS come true with your family and friends thanks to Defender System!

Reliability, safety, robustness and ease of use make Defender System a high quality Italian product suitable for anyone.