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Defender System is able to eliminate mosquitoes problems even
in the most difficult situations.
Thanks to our experience we have solved hundreds of cases
deemed “complicated” ELIMINATING FROM GARDENS UP TO 95-98% of
tiger mosquitoes and common mosquitoes.

YES. The nebulization carried out by the nozzles of a
perimeter system Defender System creates on the perimeter an
impenetrable barrier effect that will prevent the entry of
mosquitoes on each side regardless of the situation outside
the perimeter.

The consumption per season of mosquito repellent product is
different depending on the size of the reclaimed area.
Generally, for small gardens, 2.5 1 liter tanks are used, for
medium-sized gardens a 5 liter tank is sufficient.
For large parks or gardens, about 2 or more 5 liter tanks are

The anti-mosquito product used by the Defender system is a
free-sale medical-surgical device easily available on the
market or on the web.
Our company guarantees the delivery with home delivery of a
product safe for quality and compliance with storage standards suggested by the manufacturer combined with a very
advantageous price.

The company Defender System has preferred to place on the
market a professional product of safe effectiveness with
complete after-sales assistance throughout the Italian
Defender System does not market “do-it-yourself” kits that are
technically well below corporate quality standards.

NO. The company Defender System does not impose mandatory
contracts for routine maintenance thanks to the use of quality
components for the implementation of the mosquito control
Seasonal opening and closing do not require special skills, if
required, our technical staff is always available for
assistance and maintenance.

There is no standard price quantifiable per square meter, the
cost varies depending on the size and characteristics of the
garden/ terrace.
Each system involves unique and customized solutions.

For an accurate and free estimate, not binding, just a few
data: a map of the area to be reclaimed on which it is
necessary to indicate the perimeter measures and the
characteristics of the garden, the address where the area is
located (it will allow us to identify the area on Google
Earth), some pictures or videos of the main points of interest
of the garden/ terrace.

NO.  Defender System is practically invisible and does not
spoil the aesthetics of the garden/terrace in which it is
installed, does not need excavations and/or demanding masonry

Unfortunately, there are no effective organic products.
The so-called natural substances such as lavender extracts,
rosemary, etc. do not eliminate the problem.The companies that propose the use of such products, however,
associate an insecticidal mixture often unbeknownst to the

YES. It is a surgical medical device authorized by the
Ministry of Health that is delivered in controlled quantities.
Defender System sprays the product in micro doses very diluted
for a few minutes, so it is harmless for people, children and
You will notice that mosquitoes will disappear, but you will
still see other useful insects frequenting your garden.

YES. The products are made with top quality Italian and German
The artisanal production and the constant availability of
original spare parts, make Defender System a high quality
Italian product of long life.

. Absolutely not! These are two independent systems.
Just schedule the spraying after about 3 hours from the
irrigation to rain of the lawn.
The drip irrigation of shrubs, trees and hedges can take place
at the same time as the mosquito spray.

If there is a garden in the treated area, it is preferable to
avoid the installation of nozzles near the area.

Unlike a traditional manual occasional treatment in which a
day of rain cancels the knock-down effect of the mosquito
repellent, the result obtained thanks to the perimeter
mosquito repellent system is not erased.

The estimated consumption of water and electricity per season
of use is really derisory and comparable to the cost of some

Free from mosquitos

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