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Defender System

We’re the antimosquitos superheroes

Defender System is a company born from a group of people like you who have experienced the mosquito problem and have
understood over the years how ineffective are the usual old methods to protect themselves from the bites of these annoying insects.

The strong determination, the technical study and attention to the mosquito problem have allowed Giorgio, Roberto and Daniela to find an innovative, effective, safe and definitive system to eliminate mosquitoes and other annoying pests from the garden.

So Defender System was born, a line of high quality Italian products made by experienced technicians who work with dedication and passion for crafts

Discover our team

The team

Giorgio is the promoter and founder of this Start-up.
With capacity, strong will and decision he has created a brand in strong growth overcoming every obstacle or difficulty.
Together with his team he personally supervises the installations and the field training of new technicians.

Roberto is the production manager, every machine produced must pass his supervision, control and testing before deserving the Defender System brand.

Daniela is responsible for administrative – commercial functions, she is the “voice” that welcomes those who come
into contact with Defender System. She offers customized solutions for every green reality and answers all the questions and doubts that are submitted.







Check our system out

Defender System is an automatic perimeter system that through
special nozzles nebulizes a solution of water and a
medical-surgical device diluted at low dosage on hedges,
flowerbeds, borders, floors and walls.